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Latest News

Winter 2013

The Green Centre is now opening mid week as well as on each Saturday for advice on all Energy matters and recycling. Mid week opening is every Wednesday from 10am to 2pm when you will be able to meet CAT as a first contact on any environmental matters.

Spring 2007

The Advice Centre is no longer located at Silverdale. The conditions imposed by the landlord at the renewal of the lease has meant that it is no longer possible to operate from the Cregg Mill site.

We are now operating from the 'cop shop' in Douglas jointly with Zero Waste Mann and Isle of Man Friends of the Earth. The 'cop shop' has now been re named 'The Green Centre' and advice on all Energy matters and recycling can be obtained from the centre free of charge. We are open every Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

The equipment used to generate power from the water at Cregg Mill has been put into Storage. We hope to be able to re-fit it to another water wheel in the future in order that the public can again see the capability of water wheels to generate electricity.

Please use Contact Us box  or ring on 851482

Summer 2004

The Advice Centre Opened on the 26th June 2004, in Cregg Mill at Silverdale. The old water wheel has been refurbished an a 6kW alternator fitted to allow the energy to be used via inverters and also stored in a battery bank. This is aimed at acting as a focal point for the centre. The primary aim of MEAC being to give advice on energy efficiency.

Latest update 29th January 2014.


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